About Us

MASTER WEAVER is owned and run by second generation Tibetans of a Tibetan Refugee family that, in early 1970s, pioneered private manufacturing and sale of Tibetan Carpets outside the then only carpet weaving center at Jawalakhel Tibetan Refugee Camp in Kathmandu, Nepal. The ultimate result of this family's initiative gave birth to the present day world renowned Handmade Nepalese-Tibetan Carpet Industries of Nepal, popular as "one of the most remarkable success stories in the annals of the South Asia's business."


MASTER WEAVER was the only carpet manufacturer whose products were selected by the Nepalese organizers of WORLD EXPO-2000 in Hanover, Germany, to represent the country's carpet craft in the exposition. The selection was based on the merit of its outstanding quality and aesthetic beauty of the products, which conformed to the theme of the Nepalese pavilion that showcased Nepal’s finest handicrafts... more»


MASTER WEAVER is Nepal’s first handmade carpet manufacturer and exporter to be awarded prestigious ISO 9001:2000 Quality Organisation Certificate under UKAS.